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    Zurzir Sangue, Gloria E Raca viking rock    8    CD

    Wretched Life Out There traditional doom metal    18    CD

    Winterblut Von Den Pflichten Schones Zu Vernichten avantgarde black metal    8    CD

    Warseid A New Land To Find atmospheric folk black metal    7    CD

    Voqkrre Palans In Pestilens raw black metal    10    CD

    Vir Martialis Metapolemos II martial    8    Digi CD

    Veiyadra Gehenna ultrabrutal death metal    8    CD

    V./A. Metalmessage IV Forefather, Folkearth, Slechtvalk, Skyforger, Alkonost etc.    3    CD

    Uran 0/Astarium Split ambient noise black metal/sympho black metal    3    Pro CDr

    UDO Animal House cult heavy metal artist    27    CD

    Traumatomy Embodiment Of Excruciation ultrabrutal death metal    6    MCD

    Time Kills Everything Time Kills Everything grind    4    MCD

    The Union Underground An Education In Rebellion famous nu metal band    11    CD

    The Meads Of Asphodel Life Is Shit medieval black metal    10    7"

    The Black Coffins Dead Sky Sepulchre death metal/crust    8    CD

    Tarot Gravity Of Light finnish heavy power metal    11    CD

    Surrender Of Divinity Oriental Hell Rhythmics raw black thrash metal    8    CD

    Storming Steels/Hellwitch Split old school thrash metal    7    CD

    Spell Forest Lucifer Rex raw black metal    8    CD

    Sol Negro Hellish Furnace raw black metal    6    CD

    Skull Daze Skull Daze hard rock    11    CD

    Sinister The Blood Past cult death metal band    10    CD

    Shadowlord Shadowlord Empire melodic black death metal    6    MCD

    Sarcasm (Slovenia) Igra Narave/Divja Kri thrash metal band from the beginning of 90-th    9    CD

    Runes Order The Art Of Scare And Sorrow famous dark ambient band    7    CD

    Rigor Mortis BR The One Who brutal death metal    8    CD

    Razor Armed And Dangerous cult thrash metal band    11    CD

    Raiden The Killing Fist technical deathcore    4    MCD

    Pro-Pain Foul Taste Of Freedom angry thrash metal    16    CD

    Pragnavit Viede ambient black metal    8    CD

    Phobia Cruel cult grind band    10    CD

    Paradise Lost Draconian Times famous gothic doom metal band    19    CD

    Overtures Rebirth melodic power metal    8    CD

    Omheten Sjalv swedish depressive black metal    8    CD

    Nunslaughter Black cult death metal band    12    MCD

    Nokturnal Mortum /Weltanschauung cult pagan black metal band    22    Double Digi CD

    Nickelback Silver Side Up famous alternative metal band    11    CD

    Necrovile The Pungency Of Carnage ultrabrutal death metal    8    CD

    Naberius Rebirth Of The Blackened Cult raw black metal    8    CD

    Mudvayne Lost And Found famous nu metal band    16    CD

    Morass Skoffin Blindfold brutal death metal    7    CD

    Metalmorphose Nossa Droga E O Heavy Metal old school heavy metal    7    CD

    Megadeth So FarSo GoodSo What cult thrash metal band    22    CD

    Massacra Enjoy The Violence cult death metal band    18    CD

    Love Like Blood Snakekiller cult gothic metal band    11    CD

    Level Above Human Final Anthropic Principle technical brutal death metal    6    MCD

    Kythrone Kult Des Todes fast raw black metal    7    CD

    Koldborn First Enslavement death thrash metal    9    CD

    Kingdom Of Sorrow Kingdom Of Sorrow famous sludge metal band    12    Digi CD

    Kilgore A Search For Reason nu metal    11    CD

    Kairos Wicked Callings old school speed/heavy metal    8    CD

    Intracranial Butchery Keepin' It Grind ultrabrutal death metal    7    CD

    Infidel (USA) Killing For Immortality brutal death black metal    7    CD

    Impure Essence Diabolic raw black thrash metal    8    CD

    Ibex Throne Total Inversion raw black metal    8    CD

    Horncrowned Proelium raw black metal    8    Digi CD

    Hemnur Satanic Hellride norwegian black metal    9    CD

    Hatred The Bleeding Architecture technical death metal    8    CD

    Gutslit Skewered In The Sewer ultrabrutal death metal    7    CD

    Graveside Sinful Accession old school death metal    13    Digi CD

    Graveland Will Stronger Than Death cult pagan black metal band    22    CD

    Goat Worship (Brazil) Doomsday old school blackened thrash metal    7    CD

    Geimhre/Shade Split raw pagan black metal    4    CD

    Fractured Spine Songs Of Slumber finnish gothic doom metal    10    Digi CD

    Flames Merciless Slaughter speed/thrash metal band from 80-th    18    CD

    Fear Inside The Glorious Of My War death thrash metal    7    CD

    Exmortem Nihilistic Contentment old school death metal    10    CD

    Evemaster III finnish melodic dark metal    12    CD

    Enshadowed Messengers Of The Darkest Dawn raw black metal    9    CD

    Empire's Darkness Posers Annihilator old school thrash metal    7    CD

    Eden Beast Passivity Causes Genocide ultrabrutal death metal    7    CD

    Draugul Chronicles Untold epic viking black metal    8    CD

    Dissection (Lithuania) Dissected Tapes death metal band from the beginning of 90-th    9    Digi CD in slipcase

    Die Entweihung Neverending Terrorism raw depressive ambient black metal    7    CD

    Destruction All Hell Breaks Loose/The Antichrist cult thrash metal band    21    DCD

    Demented Retarded Sister's Menstruation porno grind    7    CD

    Deathless Anhedonia industrial/heavy metal    9    CD

    Darkthrone Evil Past cult black metal band    11    CD in 7" sleeve

    Cyclone Temple I Hate Therefore I Am thrash metal band from the beginning of 90-th    21    CD

    Cumbeast/Defleshuary/Decrepit Womb/Down From The Wound/ Heinous Killings Split ultrabrutal death metal    7    CD

    Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ Nagro Lauxes VIII cult grind band    20    CD

    Church Of Howling Dog Umbra military neoclassic    7    CD

    Celtic Frost To Mega Therion CULT !!!    96    Gatefold LP

    Byzantine And They Shall Take Up Serpents groove thrash death metal    8    CD

    Brave (USA) Waist Deep In Dark Waters female fronted progressive gothic metal band    8    MCD

    Blind Guardian A Voice In The Dark cult power metal band    4    MCD

    Belphegor Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwann black death metal    14    Digi CD

    Baktheria System Sickness old school thrash metal    8    CD

    Atanab Goddes Of The Flesh raw black metal    7    CD

    Apraxia Hymns Of Dark Forests pagan black metal    7    CD

    Anger Cell A Fear Formidable finnish melodic death thrash metal    10    CD

    Alcest Le Secret famous post black metal band    18    Digibook CD in slipcase

    Acephalous Divine Purity blackened death metal    8    CD

    atmospheric pagan black metal    7    CD

    / Split old school thrash metal    7    CD

    slavonic folk metal    7    CD

    pagan metal    6    MCD

    pagan black metal    6    MCD

    melodic folk metal    8    Digi CD

    i i ! technical thrash metal    7    CD