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    BandAlbumStyle  $  
    Walsung Perpetual Blood pagan black metal    8    CD

    Venedae Venedae pagan black metal    8    CD

    Veilgath Shrine Of The Dead swedish black metal    7    CD

    Valar Magic And Wyrmfire symphonic ambient black metal    9    CD

    Unholy Archangel Obsessed By War raw black metal    11    7" Digi CD

    Unaussprechlichen Kulten River Of The Monolith old school death metal    8    CD

    Unaussprechlichen Kulten Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath old school death metal    8    CD

    Purplehaze Ensemble Purplehaze Ensemble psychedelic stoner metal    9    Digi CD

    Profane Creation Portal Do Inferno raw black metal    9    Digi CD

    Profane Creation Supremacy/Nema raw black metal    9    CD

    Profane Creation Prelude To The Dark Side (1993-1995) raw black metal    8    CD

    Primal Dawn The Euthanasic Programme death thrash metal    4    MCD

    Pit Of Carnage The Beginning Of The End brutal death metal    8    CD

    Perunwit Perkunu Yra Dang pagan black ambient    8    CD

    Parental Advisory The Wither Process ultrabrutal death metal    7    CD

    OverSoul Seven Days In November traditional doom metal    11    CD

    On Thorns I Lay Egocentric famous gothic metal band    8    CD

    Obscure Anachronism Transcending Mundane Obstacles depressive black metal    9    CD

    Norther Mirror Of Madness famous finnish melodic death metal band    22    CD

    No Sense Obey grind    4    MCD

    Nergal cult greek black metal band    9    CD

    Nemesis Aeterna Mindisorder brutal death metal    7    CD

    Necronomicon (Germany) Necronomicon cult thrash metal band    27    CD

    Naer Mataron Discipline Manifesto cult greek black metal band    9    CD

    Naer Mataron River At Dash Scalding cult greek black metal band    9    CD

    Mysterious Priestess Agency Of Fate melodic death metal    9    Digi CD

    Mourners Lament Unbroken Solemnity melodic doom death metal    17    CD

    Mortal Intention Sic Luceat Lux death black metal    8    CD

    Mithotyn King Of The Distant Forest cult viking metal band    19    CD

    Metalmorphose Nossa Droga E O Heavy Metal old school heavy metal    7    CD

    Megalith Temple European PM medieval folk doom metal    8    CD

    Massacra Signs Of The Decline cult death metal band    19    CD

    Malevolent Creation Eternal cult death metal band    18    CD

    Lycanthia Oligarchy meloidic doom death metal    8    CD

    Loits Tulisulma Sund pagan black metal    7    MCD

    Ljosazabojstwa Starazytnaje Licha blackened death metal    16    Digi CD

    Legion Of Doom Kingdom Of Endless Darkness cult black metal band    11    CD

    Lebensessenz Traume neoclassic    9    Digi CD

    Lacklustre Mirror The Forgotten Songs progressive gothic metal/darkwave    7    CD

    Kosmos Le Vecteur Tanscendantal raw black metal    7    Digi Pro CDr

    Kawir cult black metal band    47    6 CD Digi Box

    Jane's Addiction Kettle Whistle famous alternative metal band    8    CD

    Internal Bleeding Heritage Of Sickness cult death metal band    23    Digi CD

    Insidious Torture Lust And Decay ultrabrutal death metal    6    MCD

    Inferna Sathanas Regimen Spiritualis raw black metal    8    CD

    Impurity/Sex Messiah Split black thrash metal    8    Digi MCD

    Idis Orlog Fr folk    8    CD

    Human Excoriation Virulent Infestation ultrabrutal death metal    8    CD

    Himsa Summon In Thunder melodic death metal    10    CD

    Hell:on Once Upon A Chaos… death thrash metal    8    CD

    Hate S.A. La Sangre Del Tiempo technical thrash metal    8    CD

    Gutter Slut Just Murdered ultrabrutal death grind    8    CD

    Grift Twisted Paradigm Of Light depressive black metal    6    CD

    Gore Inhaler Welcome To Zombieland ultrabrutal death metal    7    CD

    Gladjekallor/Verdun Split depressive post black metal    8    CD

    Furious Barking/Desmodus Split thrash metal bands from the beginning of 90-th    8    CD

    Forlorn Opus III: Ad Caelestis Res norwegian symphonic black metal    10    CD

    First Human Ferro Motherwards cult dark ambient band    7    CD

    Exmortem Nihilistic Contentment old school death metal    10    CD

    Evil (Brazil) Ashes Of Old cult black metal band    11    A5 Digi CD

    Evil (Brazil) Ashes Of Old cult black metal band    8    CD

    Evil (Brazil) …To The Fallen And Free cult black metal band    8    CD

    Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Chaotic Beauty finnish melodic death metal    8    CD

    Entombed Hollowman cult death metal band    12    MCD

    Empheris Ancient Necrostorms/The Reast Are Remains old school black thrash metal    7    CD

    Eibon (France) Eibon sludge doom metal    16    LP

    Druadan Forest The Loremasters Time atmospheric black doom metal in vein of Summoning    13    Digi CD

    Dodsfall Helvetets Griftegard norwegian black metal    9    CD

    DMC Blitzkrieg old school death metal    8    CD

    Disbelief 66 Sick famous death metal band    14    CD

    Diaboli Unseen Age Of War cult black metal band    20    CD

    Desvirginizagore Desvircuartizando Genitales Anodiarreicos technical ultrabrutal death metal    7    CD

    Defiled In Crisis brutal death metal    11    Digi CD

    Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger cult black metal band    14    Digi CD

    Darkane Layers Of Lies death thrash metal    11    CD

    Daedalean Complex After The Fall symphonic black metal    8    CD

    Crucificator Sunrise In The Suicide Front technical death meta    8    CD

    Corpus Christii/Thesyre Split cult black metal bands    7    CD

    Code For Silence Eyes World Shut/Decayed Matter-Organic Nemesis finnish melodic death metal    12    DCD

    Chemicide The Act Of Retaliation old school thrash metal    8    CD

    Celestial Season Songs From The Second Floor cult stoner doom metal band    22    MCD

    Castrensis Hierarchies technical brutal death metal    7    MCD

    Brutal Truth Need To Control cult grind band    18    CD

    Blutfahne The Circle Of Eternal Return atmospheric black metal    9    Digibook CD

    Blackdeath Totentanz cult black metal band    10    Digi CD

    Bilskirnir Hanmmerschlag 1996-2002 cult black metal band    29    Double Digi CD

    Barbarous Pomerania Knights Of The Most Serene pagan black metal    8    CD

    Azaghal/Oath Split raw black metal    9    CD

    Atlases Penumbra finnish atmospheric post doom metal    7    CD

    Arthanus King Of Azuris viking death metal    8    CD

    Arch Enemy Wages Of Sin famous melodic death metal band    14    DCD

    Antichrist Hooligans Nuklearwitch old school thrash metal    8    CD

    Angmar Cenotaphe raw black metal    8    CD

    Amenophis Demos 1991-1992 death metal band from the beginning of 90-th    10    CD

    After The Last Sky/Inert Split death grind    6    CD

    Absurd Der Funfzehnjahrige Krieg cult black metal band    9    CD

    Absurd Facta Locuuntur cult black metal band    9    CD

    Шесть Мертвых Болгар Зеркало Поля industrial/folk    8    Digi CD

    Цар Стангра Небесният Ковач folk black metal    8    CD

    Топь Летели Вороны atmospheric pagan black metal    7    CD