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Evoke Thy Lords - Escape To The Dreamland / SCP 044 / BP 006

This is product of cooperation between two Russian labels. ETL is coming from Russia, and I think this band made really awesome stuff in doom metal style! I did listen to this CD many times and always Im finding more and more interesting things. Well, what we have over here. Heres, as I said before, doom metal, but made in great way, by use of flute, which bring really great moments upon this album. Music is varied; here are two types of vocals, male growl and good female vocals. Youll be pleased by great guitar parts, which are made in various tempos, as well some acoustic parts here are (like the good one in the end of Towards Yuggoth song). Also I was impressed by that flute I said above about, Irina, which is used this instrument, has made really good impressive job, all melodies sounds pretty professional and emotional, its the fact she played it with all the heart exactly (and again like sample you can hear great introduction in the start of Coming From Beyond song). Also Ive found some Eastern tunes in ETLs melodies. Just metal massacre is based on dense guitar riffs, tempo-changes and impressing solos Thus we have speaking about next great doom metal horde, probably for fans of TRISTANIA for example. Do you ready to sink your soul into majestic melodies?
4/5 Alexander Maximov- ANTICHRIST ´zine

Evoke Thy Lords - Escape To The Dreamland / SCP 044 / BP 006

Another great release from Russia!!! Escape to the Dreamlands is the debut album of a very promising band. It is not easy to categorize their sound to a specific genre, since they mix heavy metal, doom and symphonic metal parts all together in order to create music that its main characteristic is variety and the plentiness of emotions it creates to the listener. This album created to me the same impact as the debut album of HAGGARD (And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer). No doubt that it has the same dark dreamy feeling while you are listening to it. This doesnt mean that here you will listen to a clone of HAGGARD. No! The band through its influences (amongst them are DARK TRANQUILLITY and MY DYING BRIDE) creates a recognizable sound, but above all they have created an album of a high artistic value. One other thing that I liked a lot, since I am big fan of H.P. Lovecraft is that the band bases the concept of this album to the cthulu mythology. Escape to the Dreamlands is a beautiful release that manages to capture both the dreamy and nightmarish atmosphere and to create something that not only you enjoy to listen to, but also haunts you. Try to listen to them
8/10 Nick "Verkaim" Parastatidis - Behind the Veil zine

Evoke Thy Lords - Escape To The Dreamland / SCP 044 / BP 006

Here is east wind which blows for this summer and will try to bring a little freshness to you - musical. The brilliance label STYGIAN CRYPT recently signed a very promising Russian group EVOKE THY LORDS, which was founded in 2002 and leaves their first opus digipack of big class.

That to say of this group gothic doom, if it is only the only desire which one has once about thirty passed minutes, is to give in loop this album. The combo curiously makes off think of Theatre tragedy first time, where the group had not been lost yet in the more modern meanders. You like to dream, you like the fantastic adventures of H.P. Lovecraft, you like melody metal dark? all is joined together here for you. Six musicians, of which a singer death and a lyric singer, a flute, in short, what to decorate the compos and to make this opus a wonder of softness but also of leaded metal.
Escape to the Dreamlands, it is quite simply a nearly perfect alliance between dark/doom and a melody under unclaimed omnipresent, between flute, song female or solos of guitars. The other word to summarize this digipack is the inspiration, and thus of the musical richness and the large work of composition. Nothing is left randomly, nothing is not repetitive and tedious, very listens itself of only one draft and with final, it is much, much too short! Admittedly, the song perched very high/lyric of Irina Lovchikova in extreme cases of the accuracy, is sometimes synthé is on certain parts slightly too ahead, but these small details do not waste of anything this great moment. Between some compos, small interludes without names which plunge you in mysterious environment.
It does not miss any more that maturity with this group to make us the album of the year but for a first opus, there is no doubt that one holds a great name which it will absolutely be necessary to listen to and support. Charmed I am
8/10 Avalon - Pavillon 666 zine