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Thy Repentance

It was the cold september of 1993 when two gloomy men,
The Bleeding and Friedrich Herr Derr Wald, inspired by mighty powers of Nature, created a project which was called REPENTANCE. They recorded their demo "Die Trauer" in association with guest musicians (the guitarist, the bassist, the drummer) in Junuary of 1994. The demo - its music presents Doom War Metal - got a good opinion from uderground metal scene (the recording is not being spread now).
After releasing "Die Trauer" the band´s title was changed for
THY REPENTANCE, and the guest musicians were banished because of their misunderstanding of ideology and ways of its embodying by
The following opus "Foreseen", which was recorded February 1995, demonstrated the conception, found by Thy Repentance, in various, shaman-like musical forms. The musical style got´ a new outline, - there are electronic drums, hard and distorted guitar with "cold" keyboard effects on the album. This recording won many enthusiastic remarks of musical world, especially of Russian one.
"Foreseen"was the foreseeing for the next really serious opus of
Thy Repentance and Undead Wood Productions. This was the album
"Ural Twilight Autumnalias" realeased as official CD.
Two years later the additional alterations were made in "Ural Twilight Autumnalias" - a female voice and the introduction "Blood For The Soil" appeared; the second track "Inseparable Story" has got a new arrangement too, besides there are two tracks which were unreleased before. These are "Umbra", and rare, unincluded in the first edition the song under the title "Skolzhenie V Ledovom Tumane" which is a psychodelical, hard, noise-ambient theme in Russian. This album was released under the title "Through The Twilight Eyes Of Frost" by the new Russian label "Stygian Crypt Prod." in April of 2003.
On this new edition the music of Thy Repentance became less agressive than on "Ural Twilight Autumnalias". The speed tempo of their previous days is slowed down enough, but their manner of performing, singing and originality have remained invariable. This is a dark, majestic music, full of mystery, pride and chastity of Nature. An ambient, polyphonic sound of keyboard effects, distorted singing and "cold" sound of guitars make an unique atmosphere.
Upon the whole, this new edition became much better, through the preceding one was not so bad to be neglected, especially, if to take into consideration its non-stop playing fine lyrics.