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"Radigost" is a band from Russia (Moscow). It is rather hard to determine their music style. In their music they use elements from different styles, such as Black, Doom and Death metal. We can´t relate this music to any definite style, so you can
do it by yourself."Radigost" was founded in autumn 1994 by guitarist Rimmon and bass player Alastor. They played slow doom-metal then, so this music seems very uninteresting and simple now because of their low instruments-playing skills during that time. Vocals were performed by Alvis who was taken soon after the band´s creation. First band name was"Infernus" but soon it had been changed to "Istanus" because of the other band with the same name. In 1995 keyboardist & vocalist Svar was taken instead of Alvis. With such line-up, in april 1995, the first demo-tape called "The Way" was recorded. It contained 5 tracks and represented more interesting and rich music. After that, due to difficulties with drummer, they decided to change their roles in the band, so Alastor became drummer and Svar became bass player & vocalist. In august 1995 single-song "Spirit of the past" (old version) was recorded. New guitarist Valafar was taken in winter 1996. Few months later Alastor left the band and they took new drummer Pit Lord on his place. After that their band renamed to "Radigost" and began to record new stuff. Second demo "Nocturne" was recorded in february 1997 and received good responses from Metal Agen records. In this connection they decided to record new album and to release it with the help of Metal Agen. The album "Nocturne" appeared in march 1999 in MC-format. Their music in "Nocturne" has become more fast and complicated and the band style has approached to black/doom metal. In september 1999 female-keyboardist Amoneth was invited and in december 1999 Pit Lord left the band. In summer 2002 "Nocturne" was released by "Stygian Crypt productions" in CD-format with two exclusive bonus tracks "At parting" & "Until".

The new album of the Russian band Radigost was released on March 16, 2004. The new album, as well as the group´s previous CD "Nocturne", was released by a new Russian record lable "Stygian Crypt Prod.".
A lot of time has passed since the band started their musical activities. Radigost became famous in Russia after releasing their first album "Nocturne" in MC format in 1999. "Nocturne" received good response from press and was greeted warmly by fans.
In the period of 2000 - 2002 the band played a lot of gigs in Moscow and several Russian cities.
Also, Radigost and the Stygian Crypt reached an agreement about reissuing "Nocturne" with the addition of two bonus-songs in CD format.
In the beginning of 2003, Radigost disappeared from the public field of vision, allowing very small amount of information to get out. It is explained by the fact that the band began to prepare stuff for releasing the new album. The whole year was spent on composing, arranging, and recording new songs.
Now the album, which is brand new and unknown to the audience, is moving forward to be evaluated. It was combined from the best of stuff, composed during the period of 1999-2003. As well as in the "Nocturne", tracks combine a lot of elements of various extreme music directions, with the more noticeable influence of folk and classical music. Musical arrangements and parts have become more complicated, which can be also noted about the playing skills of musicians themselves.
The album concept is the war of people with the similar ones and the "bellicosity as the piece of the human soul". Some of lyrics are in Russian and are dedicated to warriors who defended Rusland at all times.