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Anachronaeon was formed in a town in Sweden called Västerås under the name Human Failure and recorded one self titled demo in 2002. Back then the band consisted of the same members that is in left in the band now Patrik Carlsson and Andreas Åkerlind.
The band then decided to take a more serious direction with their second demo Tales from a hollow eternity which gained good press. From that demo the song Ages Ago was put in a compilation called Metal Ostentation which got a little bit of attention in the underground. With their third demo called As the last human spot in me dies released in 2004 they broadened the sound both with nice melody tunes and aggressive parts. Fatal Forum gave As the last human spot in me dies 10/10, and was not the only magazine to do so either...
Anachronaeon managed to play live once (!) as opening act for Katatonia. After the show the guitarrist Mac quit the band for some obscure jazz-project.
The band then fired the live-session bass player and decided to keep going as a studio-band.
Now The New Dawn is here, their second release on Stygian Crypt Productions a concept cd dealing with alien conspiracy theories. The story evolves around a man called Jack who gets assaulted by unknown men when hes out in the woods, making his daily running routine. He wakes up and is convinced that someone has stolen his DNA. He reports it to the police but no one believes in him. Then he uses his connections within the military to find some evidence a journey that ends in the United States

The Futile Quest for Immortality takes
another big step forward, both in songwriting and production. With this album Anachronaeon mix a raw energetic black metal-nerve with epic melodies and a heavy metal platform to continue developing their own sound, exceeding their previous productions. The album has a red thread without being conceptual, about mankind through a misanthropic perspective.

Human Failure (demo, 2002)
(Released under the name Human Failure)
Tales from a hollow Eternity (demo, 2003) (Released under the name Human Failure)
As the last human spot in me dies (demo, 2004)
As the last human spot in me dies (official re-release at SCP 2007)
The New Dawn (SCP 2007)
The Futile Quest for Immortality (SCP 2010)

Patrik Carlsson Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Andreas Åkerlind - Drums